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Dr. (Mrs.) Geetha Ravikumar Performing at Poona Sangeet Sabha

The Restive Musician
- Bombay Times

Chembur Ghatkopar Plus

"Dr. Geetha Ravikumar has proved that balancing a banking career, pursuing her passion for music and academics and also managing a joint family are all possible when there is deep desire to do so with perfect determination."


Pandit Vinayakrao Pathwardhan Award (1998)

Pandit Yashwant Bua Mirashi Award (1998)

Token of Appreciation from Pandit Bhinsen Joshi for Outstanding services rendered in the field of Music in Bombay Universiity (1994)


Musical Background

Training - Carnatic Music


Training - Hindustani Music


Study - Hindustani & Carnatic Music